C Land AG is an independent company, offering services within real estate management.  In particular we offer extensive and complete real estate portfolio support.

Our real estate portfolio support consists of the following areas

Purchase / Buildup

Development and determination of strategy 

Proactive risk management regarding buildings, portfolios, intermediate investment vehicle and investment decisions

Indemnification of financing 

Execution of acquisition and due diligence processes

Transaction closings


Active building custody with proximity to tenants, estate agents and public authorities

Management of the real estate companies (investment vehicles)

Cash Management



Creation of value / Optimisation

Renovation / Restoration


Development of buildings

Profitable sale

Seek of purchasers

Execution of selling process

Data room preparation

Transaction closings

C Land AG  | Bleicherweg 19 | 8002 Zurich | Switzerland | Tel: +41 43 344 49 49